No one likes a hefty power bill!  So we’ve revealed three easy steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption in your home while contributing to a healthier environment for you and the environment. Earlier this month, we gave you some tips on how you can design and improve your homes energy efficiency in the new build or renovation stage of your home or villa. Here are three more!


An Energy Rating Label is provided with many electrical appliances that are sold throughout New Zealand. This label gives you an average annual kWh energy consumption figure for the appliance, allowing you to compare these with other similar models. By comparing these annual figures, you can choose the most energy and cost effective appliances for your home.


Like Energy Rating Labels, there are also Water Efficiency Labels on new products so you can choose the most efficient fittings. For example, changing to a more efficient showerhead or tap can reduce water and heating costs. Replacing old washers and making use of flow control discs or aerators in your taps can also reduce your hot water consumption.


The recommended minimum temperature of a house, according to WHO (World Health Organisation) is 18˚C which goes for all the occupied rooms in a house. This would be higher for people who are elderly, ill or for young children. By this stage, you have checked and sorted your insulation and reduced your homes’ heat loss. In choosing the right heating for your home, decide how much heating you need, where your main heating areas will be, then you can compare the upfront and long term running costs of your options. In the main heated areas, it might be better to spend more upfront on a heating option that will give you lower long term heating costs, to keep your home cosy. In smaller areas or rooms, electric heaters may be all that you need if they’re only heated occasionally. By selecting your appliances and choosing the right heating options you will reduce your energy costs and your impact on the environment, while keeping your home healthy and comfortable. Speak to us, your certified building professionals, for more advice and information on how we can create and build your dream home. Your Builder: Your Auckland Based, Certified Building and Renovation Specialists.

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