Are you considering a summer renovation? Here are four important things to consider before you start.

1. Determine Your Budget

An incomplete budget or estimate is the biggest cause of budget overruns and delayed schedules. So, in setting your budget, do as much window-shopping and cost-comparisons as possible before you begin and have clear in mind what you expect. Add an extra 20% for extra costs that are likely to pop up. Once you have your budget in mind, communicate this with your builder on a regular basis to keep your budget on track throughout your renovation.

2. Find The Right Renovation Contractor

The best contractors can often be found through recommendations from others. Ask friends, or those you know who have renovated, about their contractors and make sure you get several good referrals before you sign an agreement.

3. Design For The Future

Whether you plan to live in your home for another 30 years, or you hope to sell in the near future, endeavour to keep your renovation style as classic and as timeless as possible. Look to current trends to accessorize but not necessarily to renovate your home.

4. Stay Updated

Even if you have an amazingly trustworthy and certified builder running your site, make sure you are visiting the site regularly and are not avoiding the site. Unexpected things will pop up so make sure you can be there to discuss these with your trusted builder as needed. Being there to give the final say, will ensure your project isn’t held up longer than necessary and will keep a reign on any potentially expensive changes. The chance to add an extension, to renovate or alter your existing home can be wonderful when you have reliable help. There are endless possibilities to add a distinct look to your home. Your Builder would be more than happy to recommend a specific strategy for your house renovation in Auckland. Let our renovation specialists make your design dreams a reality!  Contact us today

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