With summer in full swing, the favourable weather is a great chance to take care of maintenance around your home. Doing so will keep your home functioning well and looking its best and might even save you some unnecessary maintenance costs during the year.

Wash your Windows

Not such a hard task, but it makes all the difference in making your home sparkle and shine. If you haven’t yet given your windows a clean this spring, NOW is the time.

Inspect your Plumbing

Water is a precious commodity in the hotter summer months so do your part to preserve it and to keep on top of your water bill. Checking all your plumbing, taps and hoses will help you to identify any leaks. It might be as easy as replacing inexpensive washers, taping up pinholes in your house, or cleaning out aerators in your taps.

Check all your exhaust vents

Now is a great time to check and clean vents such as your stove-top hobs, bathroom extractor fans, and ventilation systems. Keeping these vents clean will reduce any chance of mould, improve their performance and reduce dust and unwanted odours in the air.

Clean and Repair your Deck

The outdoor deck is a place we all love to entertain and spend time with others so make sure it’s safe and looking its best. It might just need a good sweep/wash, or there may be rotting boards or posts that need to be replaced or repaired.  Keep an eye out for any nails that might need hammering back in. And with dryer weather, it might be a good time to give the boards a recoat of stain/seal.

Check and Repair any Grout

Check the grouted areas of your home like bathrooms, kitchen, and scullery. Repairing these areas not only will prolong and care for the life of your tiles, but they will look their best.

Clean out the Garage

Summer is a good time to have a good clear out of your garage. Garage space is precious, so if you have items to store, think about installing some hangers or shelves to free up extra floor space. By keeping your garage clean and tidy, you can save time (finding that hammer), money (buying a new hammer) and prevent potential safety dangers. Not only that, it will feel great to discard things you no longer require and you can enjoy maximum parking space.

Address any Insect Problems

At this time of year, it isn’t hard to notice insect issues. Clear away cobwebs, and have some cockroach or ant poison ready if needed.

Spend Time on Your Gardens

Summertime is not too late to get into your garden and it will greatly lift the appearance of your home. Adding mulch to your gardens is an easy way to do this and isn’t overly expensive to do. It can help you to achieve clean and crisp lines, assist with weed control and help your garden to retain moisture over the summer months. Additionally, trimming any bushes, shrubs and trees will make a great difference.  Check that there are no trees touching your roof to prevent any potential wear and damage that might occur over the year ahead.
During your Summer Maintenance, you might notice or be inspired to make some changes to your home! We love to bring your dreams to life. Contact Your Builder builder to discuss your ideas and see them become a reality.

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