Congratulations James for obtaining his national certificate in carpentry. James is our the third adult apprentice Yourbuilder has taken through the BCITO qualification scheme. BCITO have a great apprenticeship scheme covering the necessary training for anyone wanting to train as a builder. James initially studied architecture and graphic design but quickly realised that the fun bit for him was to build it.  So he began his adult builders apprenticeship. We have seen a large amount of adults (including ex-corporates) wanting to retrain and build a career in the building industry. We have noticed that their focus and dedication is very different from that of many younger school-leavers. Often they have family commitments, mortgages and fewer distractions. These are big driving factors and motivate them to complete their apprenticeship on time – or even earlier than normal. So they are highly motivated team members, since it takes a real leap of faith to give  up a career and take on a completely different one. We have found that these people almost always fit into our team culture more readily. They have a newly found passion for life – an absolutely fantastic platform on which to learn. Once these apprentices qualify as carpenters and build their experience they infuse  the team spirit and culture with great energy. They have a “can do” mindset. When you see this happening in your team, it makes me , as a business owner,  very proud.  I never forget what my brother taught me one day when he said, “Hamid just make sure you employ people that are more talented than yourself. This way the company will have the ability to exceed customers expectations.” Thanks James for your dedication to us, hard work and good times.

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