When renovating or building a new home, the aesthetics are important. But, just as important are things that cannot be seen; such as warmth, comfort and energy savings. Here are 3 ways to improve the comfort and warmth of your home, while doing your part to save the world’s energy. You’ll thank yourself for these decisions later.


New homes around Auckland are incorporating double-glazing because of the heat-loss and condensation reduction. Plus, noise proofing. Whether you are building new or planning to undertake renovations on an existing home or villa, there are options. For example, choosing to double glaze your main heated areas in your home or where you have large windows will give you the benefits without replacing ALL existing windows. This can significantly improve the comfort level of your home. Tip: For the best performing double-glazing, look for frames that have a thermal break or are made of insulating materials and have layers of good seals to reduce draughts. Using gas-filled double-glazing will better insulate and can reduce window heat loss up to 9% more than ones that are air-filled.


Insulating your home properly helps to keep it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. From an energy efficient point of view, that means that it will be cheaper, easier and more energy efficient to keep it drier and more comfortable all year round. Insulating ceilings, under the floor and walls will help you to achieve this.

Check that any existing insulation is not damaged and that it meets current building standards. In achieving your desired goal of a warm home, selecting the right lighting is also very important.


Some modern LED downlights that have a rating of IC, IC-F or IC-4 can have compatible insulation fitted over them to ensure a warm and comfortable environment. Once again, there are options available. If you decide to replace some lighting with insulation compatible lights, this is best to do so during your renovations. Speak to us, your certified building professionals, for more advice and information on how we can create and build your dream home. Your Builder: Your Auckland Based, Certified Building and Renovation Specialists.

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