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From Conceptual Design to Finishing The Building Process

A clear understanding of the building process is especially important if the end goal is to make the building process an enjoyable one and provide a home at the highest level of design and craftsmanship.

For us, to just build a house isn’t enough. Defining or understand the vision and your wish list is vital if we have a chance of exceeding one’s expectations.

We place high importance on having open and honest communication between all parties, from the designers right through to the landscapers. We strive to create an environment that fuses creativity with practicality. As much as those two worlds can be miles apart, it provides the base for a successful design and build journey.


Conceptual Design

To build a house well involves an architect or a draftsman listening to your vision and your ideas creating a home that gives you all of the benefits you imagined inside an exciting design.


Detailed Drawings - Working Plans

Your architect or draftsman will now draft the majority of your working drawings of your house build. It might be necessary to apply for resource consent, have your site surveyed, undergo a Geotek report and engage an engineer before these plans can be completed. These detailed plans show boundaries, specify the dimensions, material types, site contours and drainage requirements. During this stage, a series of appointments between you, your architect, engineer, council and your builder may be required. Furthermore, it is still possible to make design changes and amend your plans during this stage of the process. However, the more you know about the materials, whiteware, colours, and other finer details the easier the process is through this stage.


Building Consent

Once a full set of plans, details and specifications are prepared, it will be time to submit to your local council for building consent approval. You will be given a guideline as to when you can expect approval. However, the council may request additional information before approval can be granted. Because the part of the process can be frustrating begin surrounded by the right team will ensure issues are resolved quickly. During this stage, it is a good idea to start that more detailed estimation or quotation of your build process.


The Build

Once you have obtained building consent, you’re on the way to building a new home. During the building stage, we will arrange daily or weekly meetings with you to inspect the building site, and make any necessary adjustments to the schedule. When variations and changes arise we will discuss these with you and decide together how to proceed.



Once the build is finished we will inspect and complete any minor touch ups that may be necessary as well as any last minute requests you might have. Handing over a house build project is for us the most rewarding stages. It is the moment of truth – have we exceeded what we promised?

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