Wow, talk about the elephant in the room! I could talk about all the crazy interactions I’ve heard through the grapevine but that just wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone.

The fact is builders need architects if they want to build beautiful homes in the similar manner the architect needs the builder in order to build quality homes.

It is not uncommon for the builder to apply what seems to be a practical solution, which, while practical, totally ignores the architect’s design intentions. More commonly they charge on and don’t request information early enough when issues first arise, and compromise detailed design.

Builders can get frustrated fast when the drawings aren’t all there and especially if they don’t seem to make sense. Want to see a stressed builder? Then give him drawings where a detail contradicts what was drawn on a previous page.

More experienced builders in Auckland understand that this happens from time to time and take steps to clarify. But sometimes a younger foreman can react differently – especially if targets are set and the clock is ticking. They may lose confidence in the architect.

So how can we prevent these frustrations?

Firstly I think we owe it to the owners to build relationship with the builder. Taking on a villa renovation or a building a new home can be daunting enough without a hostel builder-architect relationship. So, both parties need to leave their insecurities behind and bring a “How can I help?” attitude to the table.

Remember that every body needs advice or support through the various stages of their career. Moreover it’s proven that people learn more in a positive environment. So, let’s help each other and create an effective platform to up skill builders and architects in working together. More importantly we need to remember that building architecturally interesting houses is not easy. But it is very rewarding.

If this article has resonated with you and given you the idea that this is how you would like to work with a builder, then I would love to hear from you.


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