Recently we completed an exciting, major renovation extension to this board and batten home. The owner, required a two level wing extension (seen on the right) consisting of a garage, laundry, new entry, bathroom and two sleeping rooms.

What was supposed to be a fairly standard extension took a nasty turn at the excavation stage during the boring of the piles. We discovered that the soil had no structural stability at all and an engineering foundation redesign was required. Unfortunately, there had been no geotek report or test undertaken on the site before the foundation was designed.

While a geotech report is not compulsory, in our opinion, it is advisable as it covers all the bases. Moreover, it’s best to do one before the digger arrives!

As it eventuated, the soil density was extremely poor. After sourcing the necessary geotek report and boring a few holes, it was apparent that the capacity of the soil (75kpa) was far from what was required (300kpa). It was the equivalent of building on quicksand. This was a major issue since we were propping up the house and excavating under and around it. A total engineering redesign was required creating delays and some large additional costs.

There are always a couple of unforeseen issues when engaging in a building project, but with a well experienced and systemised building company in Auckland (with great builders and clear communication) you will be taken through the build with assurance that all possible problems will be investigated and raised with you prior to commencing.

Builders that work together with the same architect, engineers and designers more often than not have more experience in communication, problem solving. They know the importance of resolving issues quickly to maintain momentum.


Architects and engineers align themselves with builders because of a proven track record of trustworthiness. This reduces the risk of engaging a network of under experience tradies delivering lower than average quality.

We think that testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials, from experienced “in the trade” professionals is the key to getting the right team on the job.

We are proud to have received this great testimonial from the owner even though their renovation and extension challenged and tested our team to the extreme!

If this article has resonated with you and given you the idea that this is the type of building company you would like to work with, then I would love to hear from you.

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